Millionaire Calculator

This calculator shows how long it would take for a capital sum and/or a level of monthly savings to build up to a target amount of capital – say £1 million. There are more detailed instructions below the form. 

Initial Capital Sum(£)

Monthly Savings (£)

Average Annual Interest Rate

Average Annual Inflation Rate

Final Amount Desired (£)

Goal to be Reached in

Amount Worth In Today's Money (£)

Enter your initial capital and or your regular monthly savings level. Then enter the average annual rate of interest you expect to earn on your savings, as well as the rate of inflation (average increase in prices). We have suggested 5% interest and 2.5% inflation, but you can change those if you wish. The calculator will tell you how many years it will take to reach your goal and what it will be worth in today’s money after inflation. Take a look at the savings calculator to which it is closely related.

For example, you have £12,000 capital and can afford to save at the rate of £350 a month. You estimate that the annual rate of interest will be 5% on average and inflation will be 2.5% a year. Your goal is £150,000. The calculator tells you that you will reach it after just under 18 years and that by then it would be worth £105,322.66 in today’s money taking into account inflation.