HMRC issues warning over email and text scams

HMRC has published a list of the ways in which it may send genuine emails and text alerts to taxpayers, following a number of fake message scams. It warned that while it does use these means to communicate with people, customers should be vigilant. 

Scam messages have been sent to people around the UK in recent weeks telling them they are due to receive tax rebates and asking them to provide their personal details. However, HMRC does not issue tax rebates in this fashion and HMRC has urged members of the public not to respond to any messages asking for this information. 

HMRC said it uses a two-step verification process when contacting people via text - which is designed to prevent the wrong person accessing a customer's digital account, for notifications of a rise in the minimum wage after a birthday where this automatically increases their entitlement, or advice on debt management. Emails can be sent as part of research projects, or to advise that annual tax summaries are available to view.