Hauliers express concern over tax plans

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has warned against higher taxes on the sector, after Shadow Treasury Minister Clive Lewis called for increased levies. The taxes, suggested by Mr Lewis to the Commons Finance Bill Committee, would be aimed at increasing the sector's contributions to pay for its environmental impact and infrastructure use.  

Claiming that the UK road haulage industry is already one of the most highly-taxed in Europe, RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said, “It is clear from his comments that Labour’s Treasury Frontbencher, Clive Lewis, sees our industry as ‘the bad guys - the emission bandits’. Nothing couldn’t be further from the truth. For years, we have been extolling the virtues of the industry’s new, cleaner, trucks."

Mr Lewis had argued for more taxes for hauliers on the basis that hauliers only pay tax worth 11% of their infrastructure usage. He cited calls for higher taxes on the sector by the Campaign For Better Transport (CBT) in support for his arguments. The CBT has claimed heavy goods vehicles produce 76% more carbon dioxide emissions than rail freight.