Government issues pensions advice for no-deal Brexit scenario

The government has issued advice for Britons living in the EU regarding the pension and benefit rights if the UK leaves without a deal in March. It confirms that Britons living in the EU would still get a state pension, and the government is committed to uprating the pensions of UK citizens living in the EU in 2019-20.

However, after this time, the future is more uncertain. The advice states, "We would wish to continue uprating pensions beyond that but would take decisions in light of whether, as we would hope and expect, reciprocal arrangements with the EU are in place." 

This may cause some consternation for Britons who live in the EU, but even if the proposed deal does eventually get passed by Parliament, the longer-term arrangements between the UK and EU are still a matter for negotiation, Prime Minister Theresa May admitted in the House of Commons last month.