Government sets date for pension benefits change for mixed age couples

The government has finalised the date on which changes to benefits for mixed age couples will come into force. From May 15th the system is changing so that for mixed age couples, the transition from working age benefits to pension age benefits takes places when the younger person of the two hits the state pension age.

At present the transition happens when the older person of the two reaches the state pension threshold, and this change has been a long time coming - parliament initially voted to change the system in 2012. The Department for Work and Pensions says the move means "the younger partner is in the same circumstances as other people of the same age, regardless of the age of their partner"

For mixed age couples that are claiming working age benefits, the partner who has reached pension age will not be subject to work-related to conditions, but the younger partner could still have such conditions applied to them, which, the DWP says, will be "tailored to meet their circumstances".