Three-quarters of women 'have no idea' about pension requirements

More than three-quarters of women in the UK (77%) have no idea about how much pension money they will need in order to have a comfortable retirement, while seven out of ten do not know if they have enough to stop working.

A study conducted by Good Housekeeping polled 1,500 women aged 18-75 and found there was a clear gap between what respondents want and what they were likely to achieve. For instance, although half of women (49%) want to retire by age 60, 46% do not think they will actually be able to stop working before age 66. 

Among the key reasons highlighted for inadequate pensions savings were a lack of knowledge about the market, financial constraints that prevent them saving as much as they would like, and a reliance on family wealth, with 40% of respondents expecting to inherit money to fund their retirement.