1 in 6 overpay HMRC due to tax return errors

Around one in six people in the UK may have paid more to HM Revenue and Customs than they needed to due to making errors in their self-assessment tax returns.

A study by Which? found that 16% of people said they had made a mistake on their return that resulted in them overpaying, while 28% stated they found the forms difficult to complete. The most common issue was struggling to find all their receipts and records - named by a third of respondents - while 28% thought the form was hard to understand and 14% spent most of their time looking up definitions of tax terminology.

When asked what would make the process easier, a third of people suggested having a checklist of information they would need to submit, while 25% would like to see examples they could use as a guide. A further quarter said they would need to turn to expert advice in order to complete the return accurately.